The year 2017 marked the beginning of SaafPaani’s installation of their very first water pumps. Even though our charitable work through Ummah.Fund has been in operation for more than three decades and has contributed to the funding of a variety of charity campaigns, it was necessary for water to have its own dedicated fund. So SaafPaani was born.

Installing hand-pumps in arid lands, drilling water-wells in remote water-scarce areas, installing water-filtration plants in cities, and supplying water to homes in villages through its water schemes are all some of the practical steps that SaafPaani is taking to ensure the provision of clean drinking water in Pakistan. In order to successfully carry out its mission, the SaafPaani Program employs each and every strategy available, tailoring its approach to the specific requirements of water-deficient areas.

SaafPaani has been successful to this day in the installation of hundreds of water pumps, which have provided access to clean water for hundreds of thousands of people in a variety of countries around the world. At this time, the vast majority of our donations are being sent to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) located in Pakistan. After that, these organizations compile and send us a detailed report of each project. This report includes photographs, videos, and a GPS coordinate system that pinpoints the location of all pumps and wells.

What do we provide?

We provide you with a complete solution of water pumps, clean water filtration plants and other water related services. You can have the name of your loved ones on the water pump itself. You can also add a dua (prayer) along. So each time someone takes a sip, they can recite a dua for the person. You can also remain anonymous, the choice is yours.

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